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Ana'ayi Danbagai



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Ms. Ana’ayi Danbagai is a Researcher, Development and Peace Studies Practitioner with interest in conflict transformation, sustainable development, and global peace. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in International Law and Diplomacy from Babcock University and a Master of Arts in Peace Building and Development from the University of Ibadan.
She currently serves as Head of Research and Development at the GOTNI Leadership Institute. In this position, she has designed and implemented frameworks for comprehensive leadership development education which engages children, youths, peace officers, government officials and business leaders geared toward the advancement of SDGs 8 & 16. In 2021, her developed courses were accepted by the institute and used to train over a 1000 civil servants, politicians, and leaders of private sectors in Nigeria.
Ms. Ana’ayi Danbagai participates in various volunteerism actions targeted at vulnerable and less privileged groups and communities in Nigeria.
In 2017, she served as a volunteer with the Oyo State Legal Aid Community Development Service where she joined other vibrant community leaders in advocating for a transparent process in the Oyo state prisons service. She researched and identified cases of unlawful detainment of prisoners in Oyo state prisons, and facilitated free legal representation for over 500 people who had unclear circumstances around their imprisonment. In the same year, Ana’ayi and her team trained over 1000 young students on governance, human rights, and public participation through the Education Campaign Project organized by the Oyo State Legal Aid Community.
She actively volunteers as a student counsellor with Evergreen Initiative, a non-for-profit organization in Abuja focused on the education and rehabilitation of internally displaced persons and victims of insurgencies in Abuja and environ. In the last 2 years, her work at Evergreen Initiative has helped the organization equip over 500 children with relevant vocational and academic skills thereby contributing to SDGs 1 & 4.
Among many other certifications, Ana’ayi is a certified Project Management Professional from the British Project Management Academy, United Kingdom.


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