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Fatima Kesington



Fellow Biography

Fatima Kesington is the Operations manager, sales and marketing at Earthly Limited. Her work with bees and the environment has gradually instilled a desire to reduce her carbon footprint. With experience from running her own business, two goals are very important to her offering a world class product and exceeding customer expectations. Being flexible in adapting to new situations without prior experience, has seen her take on diverse roles like an English radio news presenter in a Francophone Country for a summer internship after her secondary education, to developing a palette for only fine quality honey when faced with an abundance of sugar. Fatima is a lover of quotes, petrichor and scenic landscapes. Her heightened sense of smell and quest for unique scents led her down the path of fragrance retailing. By force of habit, she is wont to wonder͙ “Scent is the strongest trigger for memories. How will you be remembered?” ~ Keiko


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