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Womiye Ojo



Fellow Biography

Womiye Ojo is a community and development specialist with a focus on Conflict Resolution, Peacebuilding and Gender Based Violence. With over 10 years of work experience with international organizations and private businesses, she has carried out quantitative and qualitative research to monitor peacebuilding efforts.

She is a United Nations Friendship Ambassador with fieldwork and experience across Nigeria and other African countries, where she works on community development, sexual and reproductive health and rights and humanitarian services for underserved communities, especially for women and young girls, youths and vulnerable populations.

She is the founder of Imani Help Foundation, an NGO that aims to end Gender Based Violence and be a source of support towards healing for victims of sexual violence. Imani educates adolescents on Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health and empowers female breadwinners to become entrepreneurs.

Work Experience: She has worked as a Policy adviser at the United Nations appointed to the GA desk and as the Mediator at Nova Southeastern University in Florida. Ms. Ojo was also involved with the Responsibility to Project (R2P) in New York where she worked on matters relating to genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and ethnic cleansing. Certifications: She is a certified Mediator (2018) and has completed courses with Columbia Law School and The United Nations Institute on Training (UNITAR) on Empowering Women in the Peace Process, Mediation and Human Rights, and Conflict Resolution as a weapon against poverty.

She is currently the principal consultant at Yellow Star Consulting, where she holds group and one on one trainings and sessions on conflict resolution, effective communication and capacity building. She is working on a conflict mapping tool that will help create a flow and representation of conflict in Nigeria.

Education: Ms. Ojo is an alumnus of Nova Southeastern University (Florida), Birmingham City University (Birmingham, England) and Covenant University (Nigeria).


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