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Zahara’u Yunusa



Fellow Biography

Zahara’u Yunusa is a technology enthusiast. She graduated from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University with a B.Sc. in Biology. Her quest for doing something impactful plunged her into the world of technology. She is passionate about using technology as a tool to improve socio-economic development indices in Nigeria, particularly in the public sector and governance. As a project manager at Roundstone Consulting, she was involved in strategic business decisions. She was actively involved in the software development process, managing project documentation, presentation and training. She also followed up on business opportunities and progress. Software development is a never-ending puzzle and is happily expanding her role as a developer as she learns other languages.

Zahara’u is a member of CALPED, an organization that actively demands accountability and good governance in the state. She is also a toastmaster, with the GEMSTONE Toastmaster, a non-profit educational organization that teaches public `speaking and leadership skills through a world-wide network of clubs. In her downtime, she indulges in agriculture, a two-year-old hubby she hopes to develop further.


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