Kashim Ibrahim Fellows

Invitation for applications for the Kashim Ibrahim Fellowship Programme was announced on 20th February 2018. 1,337 applications were received by 20 March 2018, the appointed deadline.

After scrutiny of the applications by the Kashim Ibrahim Fellows Steering Committee, 217 entries were selected for the second stage.

The Governing Board of Kashim Ibrahim Fellows reviewed the 217 applicants based on the strength of their CVs and the essays submitted after which 66 of them were invited to submit a 3-minute video containing the following information:
1. Introduction,
2. Area of government they will like to work if selected and why?
3. What inspires them.

Of the 59 videos received, 31 were presented for final selection by the Board, and 16 applicants were selected to participate in the fellowship programme with four in reserve.

This first set of the 2018 Kashim Ibrahim Fellows Programme, come from diverse background, gender and place of origin.
The 16 finalists consist of 9 males and 7 females,
Eight of the fellows come from Kaduna state while the remaining eight are from other parts of Nigeria.

selection process

KIF selection process
KIF selection process